Bank Foreclosure/REO Inspections

Get More Bargaining Power with REO Property Inspections

Whether the foreclosure property you are looking at is bank-owned or REO, one thing you always want on your side is a good bargaining chip. You can often get great properties for rock bottom prices if you have the services of quality foreclosure inspection companies on your side. How so?

When banks and real estate companies repossesses a property, they are usually trying to sell it “as is”. This means they won’t be putting money into repairs, or even giving the property a close once-over. They just want it gone as soon as possible.

With a professional REO field inspector, you can come up with a thorough list of the many repairs that the property will need before it can be considered livable or sellable. Take this list to the bank or real estate agent, and you’ve got the upper hand when it comes to negotiations.

Avoid Costly Issues That Could Be Disasters for Your Wallet

One thing you often see in foreclosed properties is cut corners. Former owners trying to save money, or real estate agencies trying to spruce the place up, will take shortcuts on essential repairs. DIY hacks won’t cut it with foundational elements like plumbing, electrical work, the HVAC system, or the roof.

Our REO property inspections will make sure that you don’t face any costly surprises in the future. You will get a complete picture of the state of the home or building before you buy, so you know exactly what you’re in for.

Don’t Let Bank Owned Property Inspections Slow You Down

No one wants to wait around when foreclosure auctions are on the line. Our services are fast and thorough, and backed by our years of expertise. We offer REO inspections in the Palm Coast and Daytona Beach areas.

Contact us today to find out exactly what your buying power could be – or to avoid poor investments!