Pool and Spa Inspection

Get the Florida Dream – Without the Worry

Buying a home with a pool is a dream for homeowners in Florida. But without knowing how the pool or spa feature was installed or maintained before you moved in, you may not ever be sure that it is safe or in great shape.

That’s where our professional swimming pool inspection services come in. Our team delivers certified pool inspector reports and spa inspections, to ensure that you have the peace of mind you need to enjoy that dream home feature! We can provide a thorough inspection before or after you buy. Use this report in your negotiations, or find out exactly what you need to repair or maintain your new pool feature.

What Do Pool Inspection Services Cover?

Whether you need a pool inspection for a home purchase, or you want spa inspections for a commercial property, these are the things we’ll look at for our report:

  • The interior materials
  • Any underwater lighting or electrical components
  • Any steps or decks surrounding or leading into the pool
  • Diving boards, handrails, ladders, or other similar features
  • The pumps, filters, motors, gauges, valves, drains, and other mechanical elements
  • Leading into the pool
  • The water supply system
  • Any safety features, such as child safety barriers
  • And more

Depending on what the spa feature is, we’ll take a look at any other elements that are essential to the operation, safety, or enjoyment of the feature.

Is the Average Cost of Pool Inspection Worth It?

Anyone who has ever tried to price a pool or spa feature for their dream home probably knows how expensive these amenities are! Replacing an entire pool, or even just a single electrical element, can cost you a hefty chunk of your savings. Getting a pool inspection now can let you know what repairs you may be facing, and can help you save your pool or spa feature before the repair cost becomes too large to handle! So, yes, the pool inspection cost can save you thousands down the line. Contact our team today to get your Palm Coast pool inspection.