Palm Coast 4 Point Home Inspection Services

Providing Insight into the Condition of Your Home

If you have an older property, you have probably already discovered that it can be hard to get affordable insurance. One essential tool that you can use to negotiate better rates with insurance companies is a professional 4-point home inspection. A report from a qualified home inspector provides proof to your insurance company that your building is not a liability.

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A Simple Inspection Can Go a Long Way

Knowledge of the condition of your property is essential when you are trying to keep it well-maintained. Repairing defects keeps your home safe, and it can also help you when you are trying to negotiate insurance for an older home. Unfortunately, most people only become aware of problems when they are major issues.

A four-point home inspection is a simple way to get to know the condition of the main liability areas of your home. Examining the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems along with the roof lets your insurance company know that your home is in good shape. It also lets you know if there are issues you need to address as you try to negotiate a new policy or think about putting the house on the market.

Many insurance agencies will not accept anything but a professional inspection report from a certified home inspector. When you need a professional, contact us right away for fast, quality service. The Palm Coast Inspector team will provide the in-depth information you need to meet insurance requirements and keep your home safe.

What Does a 4-Point Home Inspection Include?

Insurance companies look at four main areas when assessing a home’s liabilities. Our 4-point home inspection includes an examination of the following:

Four Point Home Inspection in Palm Coast

There is no guarantee that getting a 4-point inspection will approve a building for insurance – but, often, it is impossible to get insurance without it. Our years of expertise and our no-nonsense approach to the services you need will have your inspection done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

Questions About 4-Point Home Inspections?

Below Are Some Common Questions about 4-Point Inspections

If you are struggling to find property insurance for your home, a 4-point inspection may be the answer. An accurate report of your home’s condition can have a positive influence on the insurance company.

Insurance companies often make assumptions about the condition of older homes. A four-point inspection report provides a clear picture of the condition of your home. If it’s in better shape than they expect, they might lower the rate.

The inspection with go more smoothly if you handle minor issues like burnt-out bulbs and leaky faucets ahead of time. The inspector may need to access the roof from the inside. Make certain that the attic or crawlspace is accessible.

The inspector examines four critical areas of your home: the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems and the roof.

Most home inspections take two to three hours.

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