Wind Mitigation Inspection

Why Do You Need a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

In 2001, Florida adopted a new building code that requires insurance companies to offer discounts to property owners if they could prove that their building can withstand wind damage. If your home or building has certain features on essential foundational elements, that were specifically designed to reduce loss from wind storms, then you are legally entitled to a discount from your property insurance company. But so many building owners do not know this, and insurance companies don’t want you to know. Even if your home does not meet the standards for insurance discounts right now, knowing that all you need to do is make a quick, inexpensive adjustment to earn the discount, could be a great incentive to improve your home’s wind-proof features.

What We Include for Your Wind Mitigation Inspection Cost

In a wind mitigation inspection, we look at the following things:


Roof shingles or other
covering materials


Windows and doors


Any additional roof features, such as roof decks


Overall roof Design


Any hurricane safety
features, such as clips or
straps for up-lift resistance


Safety features such as shutters or impact-resistant glass glazing

These and other features are all considered in our thorough 4-point and wind mitigation inspection. If your home or building meets all the codes set in the 2001 building code, you can take our professional inspection report to your insurance company for a discount.

Save Money with a Wind Mitigation Report

Wondering how to get a wind mitigation inspection in the Palm Coast or Daytona Beach areas? Contact us today for a windstorm mitigation inspection appointment.

Our expert service team can help you save money on your wind mitigation insurance, and keep your property safer with the information you need to improve the wind-resistance features on your building.