Professional Wind Mitigation Inspection

The Proof You Need When Negotiating Florida Home Insurance

The East Florida coast is often buffeted by strong, damaging winds. Homes built to withstand such storms can qualify for insurance discounts. A wind mitigation inspection report from Dobson Inspection Services provides certified proof that you have taken steps to reduce wind damage.

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Why Do You Need a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

In 2001, Florida adopted a new building code that requires insurance companies to offer discounts to property owners if they could prove that their buildings can withstand wind damage. If your home or building has certain features that were specifically designed to reduce loss from wind storms, then you are legally entitled to a discount from your property insurance company.

Many building owners are not aware of this benefit, and insurance companies don’t want you to know. Even if your home does not meet the standards for insurance discounts right now, knowing that all you need to do is make a quick, inexpensive adjustment to earn the discount could be a great incentive to improve your home’s wind-proof features.

Dobson Inspection Services can give you the information you need to prove your wind mitigation efforts. A report from a certified wind mitigation inspector is a powerful negotiating tool when you are dealing with your property insurance company.

What Is Included in a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

While the integrity of the roof is a major focus of a mitigation inspection, we look at several areas that are subject to high winds.

These and other features are all considered in our thorough windstorm mitigation inspection. If your home or building meets all the codes set in the 2001 building code, you can take our inspection report to your insurance company for a discount.

Save Money with a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Our expert service team can help you save money on your wind mitigation insurance and keep your property safer with the information you need to improve the wind resistance features on your building. Wondering how to get a wind mitigation inspection in the Palm Coast or Daytona Beach areas? Contact us today for a windstorm mitigation inspection appointment.

Questions About a Home Inspection for Sellers? We’ve got the Answers!

Below Are Some Common Questions about Pre-Listing Home Inspections

There are two main benefits to this inspection: safety and savings. The results of our examination will help you know the best way to improve the safety of your home in a windstorm. If your mitigation efforts meet the state standards, you can save money on your property insurance.

The mitigation inspector will check for wind-resistant glass and shutters around your windows and doors. They will spend a fair amount of time examining the roof both inside and outside. The inspector may need to go indoors to access your attic or crawlspace.

There is not much you need to do other than make your home and roof accessible to the inspector.

Now is the best time for an inspection if you are concerned about safety. It is best to have your windstorm loss mitigation improvements in place before the next hurricane season arrives.

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