Certified Pre-Sale Home Inspection Services

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Improves Your Negotiating Power

The signs of defects in your house are not always easy to recognize. Major damage is obvious, but it takes a professional eye to identify the symptoms of developing problems. A pre-sale home inspection from Dobson Inspection Services will provide important insights into the condition of your home before you put it on the market.

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Undiscovered Defects Will Disrupt Your Sale!

Did you know that the biggest reason a home doesn’t sell is defects discovered when the buyer carries out a professional home inspection? Even the smallest problem can steer a buyer toward another home. The frustrated seller is stuck going through the whole routine again. Failing to identify and resolve problems wastes everybody’s time.

With our pre-sale home inspection, you will have a better sense of your liabilities and know the areas you need to spruce up before placing the home on the market. This small investment can be a big help in getting you through the real estate sales process.

Having a home inspection before selling isn’t required, but it does help show a buyer that you are being upfront and honest with them about the shape of the property. Not only will that openness attract more buyers, but it can also help increase the offer amounts. When buyers perceive that you are asking what the home is worth – based on hard facts, not just what you owe – they are less likely to try to talk you down to a lower price.

The Benefits of a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Sellers must be diligent when trying to move their homes. A house inspection before trying to sell the property can streamline your process. This inspection brings several advantages.

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Ready to finally get that home off the market? Get a full home inspection before selling so that you can repair any small issues, boost your credibility, and start attracting the right buyers. Contact Dobson Inspection Services to schedule your inspection.

Questions About a Home Inspection for Sellers? We’ve got the Answers!

Below Are Some Common Questions about Pre-Listing Home Inspections

A pre-listing house inspection is not a legal requirement, but it is a smart idea to consider. Potential buyers may want to conduct their own inspection, and unexpected surprises will make them think twice about your property.

It’s as easy as contacting our office to get on the calendar. Depending on the property size, the inspection will typically take 2 to 4 hours.

Our inspection report lists any defect we find while examining your home. This knowledge will help you decide how to move forward with the listing process. Repairing major issues improves the chance of closing. You might also decide to sell the property as is, listing defects so that everyone is on the same page.

A home inspection involves a careful examination of your entire property. We will need access to every room as well as your breaker box and plumbing system. You will want to change any burnt out lightbulbs and make minor plumbing repairs ahead of time. For everyone’s safety, it is best if you have your pets out of the house during our visit.

As the seller, you will pay for the home inspection. However, you may be able to include part or all of the expense in your closing costs with the buyer.

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Our Other Inspection Services

Our thorough inspection services can help you with the purchase or sale of a home. We can also perform inspections that may lower your insurance rates.

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Buyers need to know the real condition of any home they intend to purchase. An inspection from Dobson Inspection Service gives them critical information.

Four-Point Home Inspections

It can be hard to obtain insurance for an older building. Our four-point inspection report provides basic information you can share with your insurer.

Pool & Spa Inspections

A pool is an excellent amenity, but it can also be costly to maintain. Our pool and spa inspection service will let you know the pool’s condition on a property you are considering.

Bank Foreclosure/REO Inspections

Foreclosed homes may not have had the best care when they were occupied. Schedule an inspection before you get more trouble than you bargained for.

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Wind Mitigation

The East Florida coastline frequently deals with high winds and storms.  Our wind mitigation inspection provides proof you have taken steps to minimize wind damage.