Palm Coast Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

A Professional House Inspection Before Buying Brings Peace of Mind

It is easy to put blinders on when you walk through your dream house. You focus on the possibilities while ignoring potential defects. A pre-purchase home inspection from Dobson Inspection Services lets an experienced professional give the property a thorough examination. Knowing the real condition of the house will help you make an informed choice.

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Minor Details Can Point to Major Problems

Realtors stage a house so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. You think about the big picture of living in the home without considering the details. You’re likely to miss small signs of settling, aging pipes, or cracking roof tiles. If these problems are not addressed before you buy, they will become your responsibility down the line.

Our pre-purchase home inspection provides a comprehensive examination of the entire property. From the roof to the foundation, we look for the smallest signs of trouble. Dobson Inspection Services will inspect every corner of the property to give you the details.

Our courteous, professional team will provide a complete report that you can use as you negotiate the sale. It is our job to find the small problems so that you will know what you are buying. We want you to find the perfect home, not a money pit!

What a Home Inspection for Buyers Reveals

As a buyer, you need to trust that you are getting a sound home that will keep you and your family safe and cozy for years to come. Here’s what you can expect to learn from a pre-purchase house inspection:

The seller should address any of these issues before you make a large purchase, and our report will give you the negotiating power you need to ensure that this happens.

Schedule Your Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Today

Our team has the expertise you need to do a quality inspection – and fast. You want your dream home ready today, and you don’t want to wait around on the legalities. We’ll help you make sure your purchase is safe and sound before you buy.

Questions About a Home Inspection for Buyers? We’ve got the Answers!

Below Are Some Common Questions about Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

A pre-purchase home inspection is a smart choice for anyone looking to buy a new property. Getting the home examined before you purchase allows you to hold the seller accountable for major repairs.

Contact our office to let us know you need an inspection. We will cooperate with the seller or realtor to schedule a time that works for everyone involved.

A pre-purchase house inspection report can serve several purposes. The discovery of major defects may persuade you to look at other properties. The document can serve as a tool for negotiating a lower price or repairs. At the very least, you will buy your new home with your eyes wide open.

We can typically share the findings of our report on the same day we do the inspection.

A seller who does cooperate with the inspection process raises a red flag about the property. An inspection period is a mandatory provision in Florida real estate contracts. We always encourage you to take advantage of this right.

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Our Other Inspection Services

No matter your home inspection needs, Dobson Inspection Services will cover it. A house inspection before buying or listing provides valuable information.

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